Tuesday, November 13, 2007

4 Strategies and Techniques to Achieve Greater Success

1. Know What We Want.

Simple enough? This is a very simple step which a lot of us do not know. You will be surprised by the vast number of people who go about their lives not knowing what they want.So what do you want to achieve? Dream Big Dreams. Many great successes and achievements in life started from a dream. Write what you want down on paper. Construct a plan, detailing how you can turn your dreams into realities. Set goals and use them as your milestones.

2. Use “Divide and Conquer”

Divide and conquer is a time tested golden rule. Look at what we want to achieve, break it up into smaller, easier to manage pieces. Ask ourselves, is this the smallest possible step to take? Can we break it up further? If this is the smallest step, what is the most immediate action we can take?

3. Set FINITE time to reach each of the small pieces

Without a fixed date, it is almost impossible to drive ourselves towards our goals. Mark each of our milestones with a deadline. Goals are like destinations, deadlines help us set the speed that we can reach our destinations. Deadlines provide us the “push” towards our goals. Imagine, “The Amazing Race”. We need to reach the checkpoint for us to stay in the game. The deadlines for each small step are our checkpoints.

4. Know your priorities

Look at each of the “checkpoints” that you need to reach. Plan your route. Think about which one should be reached first. What is the most logical sequence? Sort and arrange each mini-goal by its order and priority.


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