Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sync Android with iPhoto Seamlessly for FREE!

Have been googling for sometime to find an easy way to sync photos taken on my Android with iPhoto on my mac.  Finally, arrive at this super simple, seamless and FREE solution.

  1. You have to have a dropbox account.
  2. Install dropbox on both your mac and your android.  You will have a dropbox folder after you install dropbox on your mac. 
  3. Enable "Camera Upload" from dropbox settings in your android.  So that any photos taken will be uploaded to your dropbox's "Camera Uploads" directory.  If the Camera Upload is ON, you will see that the options available is to "Turn off Camera Upload"
  4. Download this automator script. Unzip it and you will have "AutoImportPhotoFromDropBox.workflow".  Double click on it and automator should open. Save the script within the Automator.
    This simple script does the following:
    - Check for new photos in Dropbox->Camera Uploads
    - When photo is present, import it into iPhoto.  An album "Synced" will be created.
    - Delete the original photo once it is imported into iPhoto. (** Note, sometimes i have to clean up manually if there are many photos being synced from dropbox, maybe it has to do with how the automator fires up the script.  Feel free to add a comment if you have a better solution)
  5. This step seems to be essential for Mac OS Lion and above.  Right click on Dropbox->"Camera Uploads" folder. Select "Services"->"Folder Actions Setup...". Enable folder actions. Check all the required boxes.

  6. Try taking a photo and wait for a few seconds for it to sync to drop box and then gets automatically imported into iPhoto!
  7. As a note. Since you started using Dropbox you will find many useful conveniences that it adds to your work online. You can drop any text file into Dropbox and edit the text file from any device anywhere via www.simpletexteditor.com

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