Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Java applet problem in Firefox 3

Arggzz.... updated to Firefox 3 automatically yesterday.
Today, tried to access some sites with Java applet and Firefox 3 is not working well!
Mostly, internet banking sites.

Without tweaking,
DBS internet banking is working
OCBC internet banking is working.

UOB internet banking cannot initialize the java applet.
Same goes for Fundsupermart.
And i read in some forum that Citibank internet banking is not working well with Firefox 3 too.

Went to google for the solution and realized that there is 2 ways to resolve this.

1. Download User Agent Switcher add on for Firefox

******* from Mozilla forum ***************
I had the same problem with FF3. Called the citibank support. Was given a solution that works for now.

1. Download this addon (User Agent Switcher) from the URL

2. Install it and on the FF3 Tools ---> User Agent Switcher, and select either one of the browser. Then login. Should work.

3. You'll also have to perform step 2 everytime you want to use FF3 to logon to Citibank.

4. I think the problem is not exactly with the applet but rather the new FF3 (aka Mozilla 5) is not yet recognised by their system. They are using BEA so this could be a security feature to ensure only the recognised (or compatible) browser types get connected. Hope they can get the changes done quickly to rectify this.

******* from Mozilla forum ***************


Another contributor at the forum suggested the following:

******* from Mozilla forum ***************
1. type "about:config" in the url.

2. right click and select NEW --> STRING

3. type in "general.appname.override" as preference name.

4. type in any word such as "hello" as value.

voila! citibank singapore should load correctly now. the reason i think is that the website couldnt work correctly with some versions of Netscape, so citibank purposely blocked those browsers from loading. and strangely, firefox still uses Netscape as its browser 'appname' identifier. alternatively, you can use the useragent switched addon, but you will have to click on it to load a different useragent profile everything you wanna do the online banking.

******* from Mozilla forum ***************

In the end, i used the second option, Added "general.appname.override" BUT with an empty value. And it works for me!

I hope Firefox can have an update soon for this issue.

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