Thursday, July 31, 2008

One or more files could not be updated - Thunderbird and Firefox in Windows Vista

I have the problem of thunderbird software update failed. Every time i start thunderbird, i will get the error message pop up "One or more files could not be updated. Please make sure all other applications are closed and that you have permission to modify files, and then restart Thunderbird to try again"

After putting up with it for a couple of day, i finally had enough...
Went to google for a solution. Came across this blog that recommended deleting some files in the profile's update directory. However, i am worried that that might caused some other problem. Apparently, the issue caused is because when the application is not running in administrator mode in Vista computer, it do not have privileges to do lots of things.

So the simple solution is to close Thunderbird and use "Run as administrator" to start it up.

After that, it updates successfully and the irritating message is gone!

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