Saturday, July 19, 2008

Building Rapport With People

I have been reading personal development and self help book for sometime. Recently started to attend seminars. This weekend, i am attending Blair Singer's 2 day sales and leadership seminar.

In the seminar, when talking about building rapport with people we are working with. It boils down to this few key points

1. Be interested. Be genuinely interested in what your counter part is saying.
2. Enter into their world 1st. Ask them about themselves, what do they do, what are their interest.
3. From there, find common ground (shared realities). Build on those shared realities.
4. Ask for verification. Check with our partners if our understanding of the topics in the conversations are correct.

From the interactions establish above. Take note of what type of person our partners are primarily. Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic. Each type exhibits some main characteristics which i will talk about later.... Now i need to go back to the seminar... lunch time over! =D

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