Monday, December 15, 2008

How to Backup NSLU Completely

In relation to the post about NSLU hard drive migration. Similar steps can be taken to backup NSLU completely. There are actually some steps listed on NSLU2 linux dot org web site. However, i find the steps listed here to be simplier and easier to implement.

1. Download Clonezilla live CD. Instructions and link in previous post [NSLU hard drive migration]
2. Attached your USB drive to the computer that you are going to Boot up Clonezilla.
3. Follow on screen instructions to choose language and keyboard layout
4. Select device to image option
5. Choose where you are going to save your image. You have the option of local drive, ssh server or samba server.
6. After that, follow the instruction on screen. Choose to savedisk.
7. Follow the rest of the on screen instructions. if everything is successful, you should get your image in the location where you chose to save the image file in step 5.

More resource using Google Suggest for "Backup hard disk".

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