Friday, December 12, 2008

Your iPod needs to be reformatted for use with Windows.

Got a big shock of my life when i connected my ipod (nano 3rd generation) to my PC today.

I saw the message
"Your iPod needs to be reformatted for use with Windows. Would you like to run iTunes to restore your iPod now?

It was working well before, i did not plug it into any other computer.

No knowing if my data and stuff will still be there, i clicked "Cancel".

Went online to look for a solution. I Googled for it and found there are some support site from apple that refer to it but from my understanding, it is describing the steps to follow through instead of how to resolve it.

I went to a few other websites. And follow instructions here and there. Finally, after i plug in my ipod, the message is no more there. Normal operation resumes.

Here are the steps i took;

1. Switch ipod to hold.
2. Swith ipod to UN-hold
3. Press "MENU" and centre button together. Hold down both buttons until the ipod reset itself.
4. After reset, "Off" the ipod by pressing and holding the "play / pause" button
5. "On" the ipod again

After the above steps, i tried to plug into my computer again. And it works! =D

More resource using Google Suggest for "ipod help"

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